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Activities in Hirado

Besides visiting the museums and sights listed on the Sights page, there are plenty of things to do.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of all you can do in our beautiful city,
but we have gathered some ideas for you here.


Walk the historical centre

Hirado has a compact city centre nestled around the central harbour. Due to the mountains surrounding the town, going around on foot is the best way to explore the back alleys and see everything up close.


Cycle around town

Hirado city centre is small enough to get around by foot. But for those who enjoy cycling and want to quickly move around, renting a bicycle is a fun way to get around town. We will give you some itinerary suggestions.


Olle day-hike from town

This day hike was set up as part of the South Korean "Olle" walking route scheme. It is a great day hike that takes you from the city centre up to Kawachi Pass and past most of the sights in town. About 5 hours.


Take a drive

There are some beautiful roads in Hirado with sweeping views over the coast, sea and surrounding islands. There is a reason why Hirado has so often been featured in car commercials in Japan.


Take the ferry to Oshima

Konoura Village on Oshima island is designated as a national heritage district. A trip to Oshima is like a timeslip to a bygone era. Why not take the ferry and enjoy a day or afternoon away from it all?


Hike a mountain

There are some really nice half-day hikes in Hirado. The mountains in Hirado give you great views over the sea and the coastline. Mount Shijiki and Mount Yasumandake are our top recommendations for a hike.


Fish Your Own Breakfast

If you do not mind getting up early, you can join local fisherman on their daily routine and help them fish their nets. An early morning will be rewarded with a delicious breakfast with some of the fish you caught.


Horseback riding

Next to Senrigahama beach you find the Sea View Ranch. True to its name the horse ranch looks out over the sea. There are several options, one of which is to take the horse out to the beach for a ride along the coast.


Go Sea Kayaking

Hirado Kayaks has various sea kayaking courses, from beginners instructions to a multiple day trip around Hirado island. It is located at Senrigahama Beach where you can enjoy the beautiful Hirado sea.


Sweets Tour

Hirado was the first place where refined sugar was introduced to Japan. Since it's the origin of Japanese sweet culture you can still enjoy many different sweet shops in Hirado. Go satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Visit a sake brewery

There are two sake breweries in Hirado. You can visit both breweries for a quick look around the brewery and a tasting session. Fukuda brewery in the south has a museum. Mori brewery is in Hirado city.


Soak in a hot spring

Most of the larger hotels in Hirado have hot springs. Some are open for day-visitors. Most of them have views over the sea. Why not finish the day with a relaxing soak in one of the hot springs of Hirado?